Welcome to my portfolio website! My name is Jonathan and I’m a freelance cameraman and video editor with over 6 years of experience in the industry. I have worked with a variety of clients, ranging from Nacra Sailing and Yamaha to Lobster Snowboards and JBL.

My passion for outdoor sports and love for photography allows me to bring a unique perspective to my work as a cameraman. I am constantly striving to capture the perfect shot, and my background in photography helps me to be creative and innovative in my approach.

As someone who values a laidback and informal workspace, I believe in being open and human with my clients and colleagues. I am a big believer in the power of collaboration, and I work closely with my clients to bring their vision to life.

When I’m not behind the camera or editing footage, you can find me pursuing my other passions – surfing, music, and graphic design. I love to travel and explore new places, and I believe that my experiences outside of work help me to be a more well-rounded and creative professional.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio website, and I look forward to working with you soon!

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