Sunny Side Of Spring

Ah, the mid-60s – a time of peace, love, and gnarly waves. My buddy Wowie De Powie was a righteous musician and goofy longboard surfer, spreading good vibes wherever he went. One day, he channeled his inner flower child and whipped up a spicy, sunny, sandy tune called ‘The Sunny Side of Spring’ that would get people grooving, forget about Vietnam, and just feeling happy. And where better to shoot our far out videoclip than in the Algarve, Portugal – a hidden gem of a surf spot, undiscovered by tourists at the time.

Man, let me tell you, we had a real gas filming this thing. Wowie was shredding on his board, strumming his guitar, and singing his heart out, while I was behind the camera, trying not to wipe out on the sand dunes. We even had a few locals come out and jam with us, feeling the good vibrations and diggin’ his infectious beats. We made history by smoking pot 24/7, skinny dipping wherever we could, and tripping on good vibrations.

Oh, life was groovy, baby!So tune in, turn on, and drop out, my friends, and feel the good vibes.
Let our music take you on a righteous surfer’s ride.
Let the sunshine and salty air fill your soul,
and let love and peace be your ultimate goal.

Personal Project


Denzel Sprenkeling (Wowie De Powie)

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